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The Reader Organisation is proud to present…our new Apprentice!

January 10, 2013

Since April of last year, The Reader Organisation has been fundraising to build a position for a brand new young apprentice to join us as part of our Apprenticeships: Building Opportunities For Life scheme.

In the past few months we’ve been going all out to raise the £14,000 target to provide a young person from the local area with a life-changing opportunity to work with us in the community, doing everything from taking on the unenviable task of tackling the Three Peaks Challenge, reciting Poetry By Heart, raffling, bag-packing at Tesco and pulling on our running shoes and Father Christmas outfits for the Santa Dash.

As 2013 dawned, our final Apprenticeship Scheme total had rose to a staggering £17,664 (and 73 pence!), well and truly smashing our target. From all at The Reader Organisation, and especially from those who took part in our gruelling physical challenges and suffered the consequences, we’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated their pounds and pennies to the cause, which will truly make a huge difference to the life of our next TRO Apprentice.

While we’re on the point, we’d like to take the opportunity to present the Apprentice who will be taking on the role, Zoe Jermy. Zoe will be working with The Reader Organisation in the Wirral, and has already been relishing the Reader life since her appointment in December, getting stuck into work straightaway. Here’s Zoe herself to say hello, and fill us in on the busy schedule she’s already been undertaking as the new TRO Apprentice:

“I’m settling in nicely and have met some lovely new people in the office at Birkenhead and Liverpool. I have been shadowing a few people around the Wirral, it’s been really good seeing new faces and different styles to the groups.

I helped Helen at the Christmas party, that was brilliant. I really enjoyed helping out and having a good conversation and giggle with everyone. It was good how many people turned up even though the weather was bad.

I am going to be shadowing Eamee, Dave and Niall in their primary school group. I am really looking forward to how the kids are finding the reading, and how their behaviour is. I am also going to be going to Leasowe to see how that group goes.

It means a lot for me to have this job as I know I can learn new skills and become more confident and I am enjoying new material and trying to open up my vocabulary. I just know its going to make me a stronger person in life and I want to go far with the organisation.”

We’d all like to warmly welcome Zoe into the fold of The Reader Organisation, and we’re excited to know what the year ahead will bring for our latest Apprentice!

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  1. Zoe permalink
    January 10, 2013 4:28 pm

    hehe thank you! 🙂

  2. January 14, 2013 6:46 pm

    I have met ZOE on numerous occassions before working for the reader so madeup for her think she will go far , but not to far for
    I must thank her for listening to my stories of calamity lou last week sometimes all I need is a friendly face for me to calm down ! so thanks ZOE I always like people who make me feel comfortable and accept me the way I am cheers !
    All is well with the world but tomorrow is another day so not holding my breath and neither are you


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