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RISE in Reading

June 7, 2013


This beautiful, bright sunny day is a day to be in Reading, as poet and comedian John Hegley makes an appearance at the Reading Poetry Festival reading and discussing his work with parents and families.

Before this, John will join one of The Reader Organisation’s weekly Get Into Reading groups at HMP Reading to read from and talk about his poetry. Both of these events are part of our Reading in Secure Environments (RISE) project.

John Hegley has worked as a poet for over 30 years, producing poems that range from the surreal to the humourous. In 1998, his poem “Malcolm” came second in a BBC survey to find Britain’s most popular comic poem.  His talks on poetry are relatively rare, and always very interactive so today’s talk should be a cracker!

If you are interested in John Hegley’s talk and are close to the Institute of Education at 4.30pm, why not take a look at the Reading Poetry Festival website to book your free tickets for what promises to be a wonderful, interactive event for both adults and children.

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