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Featured Poem: Frolic by George William Russell

July 1, 2013

This week’s Featured Poem comes from Amanda Boston, Get Into Reading Wirral Project Worker and Reader-in-Residence at Forum Housing, who read this choice by George William Russell in a mental health group.

“The poem really came alive read aloud and prompted lots of discussion about its painterly quality (before we knew Russell was a painter!). People also spoke about it being “of the moment” although several people who had unhappy childhoods spoke of a poignancy too.”


The children were shouting
And racing along the sands,
A glimmer of dancing shadows,
A dovelike  flutter of hands.

The stars were shouting in heaven,
The sun was chasing the moon:
The sun was the same as the children’s,
They danced to the self-same tune.

The whole of the world was merry,
One joy from the vale to the height,
Where the blue woods of twilight encircled
The lovely lawns of the light.

George William Russell

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